Jeanah Jens

This is a personal invitation to follow me and learn about my many unique therapies. My work is custom designed so accurate and profound answers can appear for your healing purposes. I have studied for 40 years, as an empath, in the fields of multi-faceted tarot card readings, intuitive life coaching, spiritual sound healing, heavenly aromatherapy and ceremonies for any occasion. Weaving in clairvoyant visions allows me to retrieve past, present and future events. Spiritual counsel is included in all my sacred work.

Shadow People

How To Get Rid of Shadow People in 12 Essential Steps

Shadows, ghosts, and psychic attacks are very real, contrary to what modern society wants you to believe. We have become brain washed into believing were crazy, weird, going insane.  Guess what you are not alone! Because of the worldly conditions many people are now experiencing the dark side, in real time! You will learn 12 essential steps to rid yourself of Dark Shadows once and for all!