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Welcome, I am pleased that you stopped by to visit me. You are connecting with Jeanah Jens a Mystic Shaman, Beauty Medicine Woman and Wisdom Keeper of Tarot. I created Beyond Tarot and More so I would have the opportunity to blend shamanism, ancient counsel, and tarot all into one, for you. This gives you a much stronger experience than just a tarot reading. I put the Much, Much more into tarot. Forty-six years of experience has gone into refining my multi-faceted card reading. I am an intuitive/clairvoyant guide that helps you let go of your past and allows a brighter future to appear. As a visionary I channel messages coming through for your own personal growth, on all levels. My goal is to help you achieve new visions and dreams which creates the success you are desiring in this new modern world.

My card layouts provide excellent decision-making tools to help you navigate life, enhanced business planning, relationship building and most importantly self-discovery. I skillfully blend shamanism, counsel, ceremony, symbolic imagery into my many deck diversified layouts. Each reading is unique and will spark your imagination and lead you to self-empowerment. I invite you to my home to journey into the comfort of my Medicine Room. A safe peaceful haven for a magical experience to appear and transform you. Come join me now.

This video will help you see the value and power in a Jeanah Jens Phone Card Reading.


I had a phone reading with this wonderful woman and she has such an effulgent light. Within hours I felt lighter and happier than I have in years. Very powerful ,life changing and that’s just over the telephone! I will schedule many more sessions.

Nicoletta larsen

Sales Consultant

I have known and worked with Jeanah Jens, Beyond Tarot and More (Emphasis on more!) for a decade and a half… She has been a dear friend, counselor, guide, support system, and so much more! A true Shaman! Her intuitiveness, ceremony, words of wisdom, have Always proven to be of such beneficial use! Uncanny comes to mind… seriously! Her powerful presence is both safe and reassuring…! And I’m always taken aback with what is derived from her magical ceremonies…! I would highly recommend Jeanah for those seeking an alternative to useful counseling…!

Roy Harrington

Owner of Lotus Self Defense Academy of Spokane

Jeanah introduced me to her modern medicine circle and with her guidance I received more insight around how I can manifest my desires. She took me through cutting spiritual chords that do not serve me and helped me create new visions for the future. To my wonderment, I had a manifestation the very next day. And, I’m not speaking coincidence; this was purely the universe listening and providing without obstacle. I thank her for the process she if gifted in providing those that are seeking her special talents.

Susan Stucker

Marketing and Advertising

Such an amazing and healing experience! I feel a sense of wholeness I haven’t felt for, well, a very long time. I had a session with concentration on soul retrieval and transport healing. I ABSOLUTELY recommend Jeanah, and will be returning myself! Thank you so much!!

Zachary Dyson


Blew my mind! Such a great experience ❤️ She helped me navigate through a very hard decision and made it seem so simple. My next appointment is already scheduled. I can’t wait

Lacy Binschus

Upper Management at WRS Construction
WHY YOU NEED TO CALL! 509-939-1995



One of my passions is to custom design ancient ceremonies for each season, moon cycles, astrological alignments, special occasions, and events. I also perform one on one and in groups. We start the ceremony by circling around my Medicine Room Card table. I then add sound therapy into my sacred space. This beautiful process bathes you in a gentle sound vibration and allows you to let go and settle into a quiet still place inside. Astrology viewpoints are shared that match the day and gives you a special meaning for your ceremony.

Deck diversified layouts are always included. Symbolism is then shared to support what is leaving now and what is coming in soon. We then get ready to journey into time travel that opens the gateway to new visions and dreams coming forth. We finish with the wonders of sound to seal and ground you into a new space in time. All of this prepares you for manifesting new beginnings in your outside world. Are you ready to journey in? Mystic Shaman, Jeanah

Session: 1:20 Min

Live Zoom Tarot Readings

Included in a live (via Zoom) Tarot session is a grounding meditation with sound and aroma incorporated to center and elevate you into the inner circle of calm. In my Tarot Medicine Room, I will do a diversified intuitive reading using a variety of decks. Adding in energy healing work leaves you feeling complete on all levels. Chime in and join me for your (Zoom Tarot Reading.) It is ideal for those who desire to be witnessed in real time and want personalized attention and support.


30 Min

45 Min

1 Hour


Chakra/Aura Balancing

We will start your session with dialoging and card layouts to see what chakra’s need to be cleared. The cards will speak back in a comfortable, clear, precise, and understandable way. This is a process of letting go of what is stored one layer at a time. I will choose different aromas and stones as power tools to support you going into a deeper state of consciousness to cleanse and clear the chakras. Deep breathing at this point is most helpful to assist you into airing out your aura and drawing in the aroma to saturate the chakra that needs attention.

I will put on chakra/aura music designed to relax you as we start to travel into the aura of the chakra. We will journey deep into emotional energy blocks, holding patterns and old foundational roots that need to be dissolved. This action allows the chakra to spin in the right direction and brings in balance, peace, and joy. My method of treatment assures harmony and wholeness is restored. You come out feeling lighter and uplifted .Shall we get started! Medicine Woman, Jeanah

Session: 1:20 Min



Soul Retrieval Reading

Your Soul Retrieval journey begins with processing work that starts you traveling down a path that leads to your own inner personal terrain. It is here you will see and learn about your unique landscape and how it all comes together. This reveals where you want to travel to, who you want to see and who you want to connect with. Others may show-up along the way to dialog with you or simply let it all go. This technique is called a Transport Healing.

I will open a safe passage using a crystal ball for transporting us there. It is here where you now have the opportunity to free your inner child that has been trapped in this field called the aura. Usually, it has been here for an exceedingly long time. At this point powerful insights will be shown, addressed and freed. We gather and weave new opportunities together along the way. You let go of what is weighing you down and no longer serves your highest good.

To finish your child and you travel back into the safety of your heart. Where love and wholeness begins again. A beautiful soulful experience indeed. I traveled to the Andes Mountains to study this ancient technique with the Machi tribe. It is called a Machi tune. Time Traveler, Jeanah

Session: 1:20 Min

Tarot Card Reading

I start the session by listening closely to my intuitive guide and tuning into your story and listening to what information is between the spaces of your words. When we dialog to the core of the issue, specific questions will be consolidated. Cards will be drawn that speak to you and will give voice to the challenge in front of you. Each draw takes us down to another level of what is hidden in the subconscious.

This is where we resolve issues you are facing and bring new and wise solutions up to the surface. I weave in my coaching skills of 46 years to support results flowing into your session. This frees you to take positive action and make more productive chooses to take into your outside world. At the completion of your reading, you will have the feeling that a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and indeed it has. This session can also be done by phone. Mentoring is my specialty. What a gift to give yourself. Wisdom Keeper, Jeanah

Session: 1 Hour

Emotional Card Cutting

You will be using my obsidian/mahogany/badger knife that was handmade by an elder for this treatment. It will energetically cut emotional cords with the energy of another person, place, or thing. During a Cord Cutting session you will sever any emotional drama, dark shadows, psychic attacks, or negative traumatic ties that are weighing you down energetically. After the cord cutting is complete you will draw cards to support what you saw and felt emotional.

This reinforces an awareness of fresh clean emotions surrounding the situations and circumstances from the past. So now you can begin again. To complete we will use sound healing to form a protective shield around your which grounds and centers you into a completely uplifted new safe space. Now your path will be open to unlimited possibilities and better tomorrows. Everyone needs this! Mystic Shaman, Jeanah

Session: 1:20 Min


I invite you to one of the fastest growing Tarot Communities having 3,425 members and counting. Love for you to join us so we can make the new world a better place. One soul at a time.

Come collaborate with fellow tribe members to learn more about Beyond Tarot and much, much more.

As a Humanitarian I share cutting edge information about Tarot Cards, Astrology, Moon Cycles Shamanism, Ceremony, Fabulous Illustrations and Wise Women’s Empowerment Counsel. I post channeled inspirational quotes coming through from Spirit to help you lift to a higher ground. I will see you there.


As you look at the map you will want to follow the path of 4250 E Congress Ave. down to the dead end of the road. It’s here among natures beautiful landscape of forest and wild flowers that you will find my sanctuary. I live in a wide open space of quiet, peaceful harmony, that extends into my home and Medicine Room. So come join me in a one of a kind experience called Beyond Tarot and More. I’m Jea’nah Jens, an intuitive Tarot Card master of 46 years. Helping and supporting people in all walks of life is one of my greatest passions. So now that you know where I live, come visit me for your Tarot Card Reading today.


Jeanah Jens

4250 E Congress Ave

Spokane, WA 99223-5449


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