I had a phone reading with this wonderful woman and she has such an effulgent light. Within hours I felt lighter and happier than I have in years. Very powerful ,life changing and that’s just over the telephone! I will schedule many more sessions.

Nicoletta larsen

Sales Consultant

I have known and worked with Jeanah Jens, Beyond Tarot and More (Emphasis on more!) for a decade and a half… She has been a dear friend, counselor, guide, support system, and so much more! A true Shaman! Her intuitiveness, ceremony, words of wisdom, have Always proven to be of such beneficial use! Uncanny comes to mind… seriously! Her powerful presence is both safe and reassuring…! And I’m always taken aback with what is derived from her magical ceremonies…! I would highly recommend Jeanah for those seeking an alternative to useful counseling…!

Roy Harrington

Owner of Lotus Self Defense Academy of Spokane

Jeanah introduced me to her modern medicine circle and with her guidance I received more insight around how I can manifest my desires. She took me through cutting spiritual chords that do not serve me and helped me create new visions for the future. To my wonderment, I had a manifestation the very next day. And, I’m not speaking coincidence; this was purely the universe listening and providing without obstacle. I thank her for the process she if gifted in providing those that are seeking her special talents.

Susan Stucker

Marketing and Advertising

Such an amazing and healing experience! I feel a sense of wholeness I haven’t felt for, well, a very long time. I had a session with concentration on soul retrieval and transport healing. I ABSOLUTELY recommend Jeanah, and will be returning myself! Thank you so much!!

Zachary Dyson


Blew my mind! Such a great experience ❤️ She helped me navigate through a very hard decision and made it seem so simple. My next appointment is already scheduled. I can’t wait

Lacy Binschus

Upper Management at WRS Construction
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