How To Get Rid of Shadow People in 12 Essential Steps

Shadow People

Shadows, ghosts, and psychic attacks are very real, contrary to what modern society wants you to believe. We have become brain washed into believing were crazy, weird, going insane.  Guess what you are not alone! Because of the worldly conditions many people are now experiencing the dark side, in real time. Covid 19 and the earth cracking has brought out dangerous entities of the dark and lit them up for us to see. Being a victim of fueling your emotional body with a variety of many drugs is a way for them to sneak and slide into your life  force and start extracting  from you in very subtle ways. They feed in many ways and without even being aware or knowing of their existence they start taking over you. This painful and vicious cycle can spin you out of control and can be dangerous if not addressed. You are left without a balancing cord and feel out of sync with the rhythm of normal life.

What should you do now

The first step is to realize that you have become a victim and a host that is wide open for the dark to appear and they are really starting to follow you. You have seen them with your eyes open, out of the corner of your eyes or eyes closed. You have felt them standing or floating behind you. Are they in your dream state and causing nightmares? The paranormal shapeshift into different forms and move between different dimensions. Do you feel like you are being observed or even watched? Are they flashing before you and then suddenly poof there gone? This is the time to do a check into your physical body and see how you are feeling and what emotions are running you or not.

Differences in dark shadows

The classic shadow being is dark with a figure that is not human, lacks form and has no facial features. It feels masculine, is oppressive and is out of our scope of understanding. They shapeshift into different shapes and sizes. There substance is black, opaque, and light does not filter through them. They dematerialize very quickly and can move into formless shapes. They mimic us and try to blend in which does not work well. They are mysterious and have various stages of development. They only stay short periods of time because of the energy draw it takes to be in the physical.

Experiencing them in several diverse ways

Shadow beings like to hang out in dark places and prefer to come out more at night and while you are sleeping. Their communication skills are nonverbal and will not speak to you. It is believed that the eyes are the gateway to our soul. Dark shadows use the eyes and will stare into them and send messages of hostile feelings and warnings of terrible things to come. This causes a paralyzed reaction like your frozen in time and cannot move forward. Causing a chain reaction of shock which triggers fear and terror on all levels. In dreamtime they pull your energy field down by pressing on your chest or choking you. This is their way of infiltrating you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and getting deep into your energy field.

Being haunted by shadow entities

When you feel a presence of an intense negative force and it raises the hair on the back of your neck that is called a visitation. If this occurs in your home a spiritual cleansing of sage and herbs needs to be done in a sacred manner inside and out of your home for protection. You and your family need to also be included too. If random emotions show up that give you a feeling of an unsavory energy then trust these feelings and act with a clearing. It is wise to repeat this, purging often. Notice how much better you feel, and your living space will become lighter. This is called a check-in and an incredibly wise action to take.

Why did they choose you

Ask yourself are you going through a low period in your life, depressed and drawing negative energy like a magnet to you? This dims your frequency and invites the unwanted shadow people to come for a feeding. Drug induced altered states are a very real setup to call them in and turn you to the dark side. Your light force lowers and they will come in and press you down until you start questioning everything. They are drawn to the electromagnetic world that we live in, that is filled with chaos and a smorgasbord for these creatures. Remember, their as strong as you let them be and it is up to you to become a warrior of the light and develop strength as a counter resistance.

Tools I recommend to support warding off evil spirits

~ Invoke any kind of vocal protective prayer that calls upon Jesus or Archangel Michael to stand in your power while speaking it

~ Find a cross and place it under the moonlight. The cross will then be charged with positive energy, so you can wear it around your neck for protection.

~ Ignite a sacred pouch of magical herbs in equal parts of sage, cedar, sweetgrass, rose and lavender. Smudge with a feather and let the smoke rise into the violet light of protection

~ Wear gemstones jewelry that call to you and put crystals all around you and your home

~ Clear your energy field by using a natural Air Detox Spray by Dr. Schultz. Additionally, all the wonderful herbal aromas are soothing to the body, mind, and spirit. Air Detox Spray can be purchased here:

~The use of an obsidian arrowhead will also help you ground and protect yourself. In addition, the arrowhead can be used to cut negative energy that has rooted itself in your naval. This is a powerful ancient ritual.

~ Take a step forward, consciously take deep breathes in to clear the cluttering negative mind patterns that keep running you mentally. Repeat this practice throughout the day and add in positive affirmations

~ Start checking into your physical body, this is called body talk. Listen to what it is telling you. Become aware and watch for what is happening in your outside world

~To alleviate negative emotions ruling you try Emotional Cord Cutting. It is an ancient art and a unique way to energetically sever negative emotions that are rooted on a much deeper level. Spirits cannot stay around when this is done daily.

~ Sit in a sacred space that you have created and focus your meditation on quieting your mind and filling it with loving thoughts that bring in positive light. Shadows cannot live in your bright aura.

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