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Being a highly gifted psychic, I have access to and bridge several channels of infinite intelligence that I can transfer directly to you from divine source. My intention is to explore, then downloading in-depth life changing information so practical, potent shifts can occur for your upliftment in the here and now. With spot on accuracy, you will begin to feel your true unlimited nature and purpose appear and be set free. When your journey is complete, you will feel expanded and lighter than ever before! A new sophisticated pathway has now opened for achieving new dreams and unlimited possibilities to nourish your authentic self.

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Ceremony with Cards This is an amazing, enlightening experience.  That is, what was needed in my life, She, being a shaman, psychic and so much more,  I felt great and enriched. No words can even explain how incredible the Ceremony with Cards is. It has to be experienced!

Leopard Email

Jeanah is such a gem.  She has such beautiful energy, the power of my transformation was intense and beautiful. I was able to reach deep wounds and feel them melt way. I will definitely be working with her again in the future. I am excited to recommend her to friends and family. I wish you all well. ❤️

Kathleen Larrison

Jeanah is like a brilliant ray of sunshine breaking thru on a cloudy day. She illuminates you and raises you spirit higher with warmth and pure light!

Richard Zappe

Jeanah is amazing! She is one of a kind!
Her experience & wisdom compare to no other Tarot reader. She offers many different types of readings to suit each persons needs as well as custom designs ceremonies that provide you with life altering experiences. She offers insight & inspiration to educate & support her clients & in turn the planet itself. Thank you Jeanah!

Becky Oos

Tarot and fall ceremony….
I was amazed by this ceremony and opened up to a new awareness of my own powers. It was very refreshing and freeing and would recommend to anyone who feels lost or unsure of the next step. I am looking forward to my next session and continuing my growth with her.

Becki Smith

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